Who is Alkimia? 

First of all, Alkimia is for all the professionals in the tattoo, piercing, PMU, or body art industry who identify with the search for the highest quality in their work. We believe in art, living with passion, leaving the pre-established "path" set for us.

If the question is: What is Alkimia or what does Alkimia do, the answer is:

Alkimia is a brand of tattoo, piercing and PMU supplies born as a tattoo supplier in 1984, and in that year, for the first time, the first piercing piece and the first tattoo needle (ready to weld at that time) arrived in Spain.

Throughout all this time Alkimia has grown and evolved, designing and manufacturing its own specific material for artists, of the best quality, always with the maximum novelty and innovation. As a reference company in the industry, we strive to comply with all current regulations, and our good work has been awarded over the years by the Federation of Tattooists, Ringers and PMU professionals in Spain (FATAME) and with seals of approval such as the famous ISO9001. 

Always complying with the basics that every artist of all levels is looking for: nice and good products at the best price.

Alkimia. Unafraid of change.